FacFlow factoring | RBS Invoice Finance

Getting started

User Log On

  1. Enter your Site ID and User ID, then press Continue.
  2. Enter the requested digits from your PIN and password and press Continue.
  3. Review your details on the confirmation page and press Confirm to log on. 



  1. The welcome page helps you navigate to the main FacFlow features. 
  2. The features available will depend on your security permissions. 
  3. This page will also alert you to any unread messages. 



Manage users

Create users

  1. Select Administration from the main menu and then Manage Users. 
  2. Underneath the table of current users, click Create User
  3. Enter the user's details and click Continue
  4. Review the details on the confirmation page. If something isn't right, select Edit New User to return to the previous screen and amend the details. 
  5. Once everything is correct, press Confirm
  6. The new user's details will appear on screen. Give the user their User ID and Site ID. The activation code will be emailed directly to the user. Their account will activate when they log on. 
  7. Press Continue and you'll be taken back to the Manage Users screen. The new user should be displayed in the table. 


Suspend or delete users

  1. Select Administration from the main menu and then Manage Users. 
  2. A list of current users will be displayed. Select the User ID of the person you want to suspend or delete. 
  3. On the Edit User screen, click Suspend User or Delete User. 
  4. Review and confirm your request. 
  5. You'll be taken back to Manage Users. The user status will appear as Suspended. They won't be able to access FacFlow until a new activation code is requested. Deleted users will on longer appear in the user list. 

Order new activation codes

  1. If users forget their PIN or password, they can request a new activation code.  
  2. Select Administration from the main menu and then Manage Users. 
  3. Click the User ID of the person who needs a new code. 
  4. On the Edit User screen, click Order Activation Code
  5. Review and confirm your request
  6. You'll be taken back to Manage Users and a new activation code will be emailed to the user.


File Upload

For guidance on how to use this functionality please contact the WBST.


View the client account

  1. Select Client Account from the Accounts main menu. You'll see your transactions and the Account Balance.  
  2. To view transactions for a different month, apply the Select Month filter then press Go.
  3. You can also view transaction details by selecting a transaction's reference.

View debts purchased

  1. Select Debts Purchased from the Accounts main menu.
  2. To view details for a different month, apply the Select Month filter then press Go.
  3. You can view detailed transaction details by selecting a transaction's reference.



Payment availability

View availability

  1. Select Payment Availability from the Availability main menu. 
  2. To see the amount of funds advanced to you under the terms of your agreement with us, select Client Account. 
  3. The Ineligible Items Summary lists the items withheld from your Payment Availability calculation.
  4. To create a payment request select Create Payment Request. 


Create payment request

  1. Select Payment Request from the Availability main menu.
  2. Fill in the payment details and press Continue.
  3. Review and Confirm
  4. You'll be taken to the Payment Request History screen and your request will appear in the table. Its status will remain as Sent until the payment has been processed. 




Create schedules - new customers

  1. Select Schedules from the Input main menu then Create Schedule.
  2. Select the customer type New Customer, then Go
  3. Enter the schedule type, currency, schedule total, VAT rate and charges. Press Continue.
  4. Complete the new customer's details and then Continue.
  5. Complete the limit request details then select Continue (Limit Required is mandatory for Non Recourse ledgers). Review the details and Confirm.
  6. You'll be taken to the new customer invoice schedule screen. Click Add Item to add items to the schedule.
  7. Complete the invoice details, including any charges and non-standard payment terms. Save then Return to Schedule. To add more items, click Save and Add New Item.
  8. Click Return to Schedule List if you want to edit the schedule total.
  9. You'll be taken back to the Schedule screen and your request will appear in the table.




Create schedules - existing customers



  1. Select Schedules from the Input main menu then Create Schedule.  
  2. Select the schedule type - either invoices, credit notes or SRI invoices. Specify the currency, schedule total, VAT rate and charges. Press Continue.
  3. Click Add Item on the schedule input screen and complete the item details. 
  4. Enter an existing customer's ID in the Customer field click Locate Customer to search your customer list.
  5. Press Save and Return to Schedule or Save and Add New Item to add more items. 
  6. You can return to the schedule list by selecting Return to Schedule List. You can edit the schedule total or leave it unbalanced.
  7. You'll be taken back to the Schedule screen and your request should appear in the table.


View or add non standard terms

  1. Complete the Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Customer field before selecting the Add/View Non Standard Terms button.
  2. The Calculated Due Date is determined by the Customer/Client terms.
  3. To add a Due Date term, enter a specific date or add a term relative to the invoice date.
  4. When you've completing the term, press Add TermThe term should appear in the Non Standard Terms Box. 
  5. Select Add Discount if you're giving a discount for early payment (enter the highest discount for payment within the shortest time).
  6. Press Save and Continue.
  7. You'll be taken back to the Item screen and terms will be displayed in the Non Standard Terms box.


Submit schedule

  1. You can submit a schedule by using the tick box option and then selecting Submit on the Schedule screen. You can only submit a balanced schedule.
  2. Review and Confirm the details entered.
  3. You'l be taken back returned to the Schedules screen and your request will appear in the table.
  4. To delete schedules which haven't been submitted, click Delete. 








Create and edit customers

  1. The details of a customer can be viewed and edited from the Customers main menu option by selecting View/Create Customers.
  2. Search for the customer you need to edit using the Search Criteria. Then press Go.
  3. Select the Customer Name then Edit Customer Details.
  4. Update as necessary then select Continue (If you're editing a non-corporate customer, you can also edit any Partner or Proprietor details.)
  5. Review and Confirm the details entered.
  6. You'll then be taken back to the Customer Details screen.


Maintain client references


  1. Create, view and edit your customer references by selecting Maintain Client References. 
  2. To create/edit a reference for a customer, search for the customer using the search criteria then select the Edit hyperlink.
  3. Type in the new or updated customer reference then press Save and Continue.
  4. When the changes have been saved, you'll see a confirmation mesage. 




Download a report

  1. Select Reports from the main menu then View Reports. You'll see the reports you have permission to access. 
  2. Select a Report Name then enter the report criteria that you want to use. The criteria will differ between reports. 
  3. From the drop-down, choose a format, then press Continue
  4. Review the details and DownloadDepending on your connection speed and the size of the report, it may take some time. We recommend that you regularly save the reports to your computer for your records. 


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