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Use valuable machinery and contracts to boost your cash flow


Security may be required and product fees may apply. Subject to eligibility requirements.

Why borrow from us?

As a manufacturer, you might find the cost of plant and equipment puts a strain on your cash flow. The time between an initial outlay and payment for a contract can also feel like a stretch. 

But we could help lessen this pressure on your liquidity. Invoice finance and asset based lending aim to release cash tied up in your equipment and unpaid invoices.

Capitalise on your assets

Use equipment on your balance sheet to your advantage with asset based lending. We could lend you money using your assets as security – giving your cash flow a welcome boost.

Access money you're owed

Borrow up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices with our invoice finance facility. As it's confidential, your customers will never know you're using it.

Fulfilling ambitions with invoice finance

Furniture manufacturer Moduflex wanted to open a second production site and modernise its current site. Find out how invoice finance helped fulfil the company's ambitions. 


The invoice discounting facility has supported us through two different periods of major change this year. It has enabled us to continue to focus on growth and expansion without worrying about our working capital.

Richard Blunden, Managing Director, Moduflex Limited

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