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Scotland sees further rise in permanent job opportunities

Scotland's recruitment sector is witnessing an ongoing positive trend with a rise in permanent job placements recorded in March – for the fourth month in a row.

A report by Markit, which was put together from a survey of 100 employment consultants in Scotland, found that the rise in permanent job recruitment was larger than in the UK in general. Starting salaries are also being edged up by the fact that there are a lack of recruits in some sectors, and the drop in suitable recruit numbers has hit its highest level since July 2015.

Starting salaries for permanent positions were up, as were hourly rates for temporary roles, but these rises were slower than in February and were also slower than in the UK as a whole.

The hospitality, health and social care, and computing sectors saw the greatest growth in recruitment in March, while a fall in demand was felt in blue collar roles as well as in senior management and professional roles.

Despite the rise in the demand for permanent recruits, the growth in demand for temporary workers was below the level felt in the rest of the UK as a whole.

Phil Smith of Markit, explained:

"Recruiters reported another rise in the number of people placed in jobs in March, rounding off a better quarter for the industry than the final three months of 2015.

"However, there remained the issue of a lack of available candidates, which showed a sharper decline and kept pressure on businesses to offer higher starting pay."

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