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Powwownow: Technology key to future of recruitment

Jason Downes, the managing director of conference calling provider Powwownow, has said in an article for Online Recruitment magazine that technology is key to the future of recruitment.

Within the article, Mr Downes explains that despite most recruiters operating online nowadays, they still need a real-world workspace to carry out their day-to-day tasks such as meeting clients. However, by opting for trendier, flexible, tech-focused workspaces that are prevalent in many cities, especially in London, prospective candidates can show presentations and other materials via shareable screens — they can even do this remotely when it comes to international recruitment.

Conference calls can now often utilise high-speed broadband connections for seamless video conferencing, which can be used for interviews and even enable the recruiter remotely to attend interviews between the employer and the prospective candidate if necessary. What’s more, details of conference calls, including numbers, dates and times can easily be shared and stored via easy-to-use software.

Returning to international recruitment, Mr Downes predicts that language apps and other translation software will also play an ever-increasing role in the future of online recruitment. As Mr Downes says: “A language barrier is no excuse in the world of recruitment.”

Lastly, Mr Downes touches on the matchmaking process — pairing up prospective candidates with companies. The Powwownow MD says innovative sites such as Adzuna enable recruiters to source candidates via its powerful keyword searching algorithms, which trawl a database of CVs looking for candidates for certain roles based on things like salary expectations and experience, for example.

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