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Experts discuss the key technology trends UK businesses should watch out for over next decade

In the second of 2016’s Royal Bank of Scotland Twitter talks, businesses, experts and organisations discussed the key technology trends businesses should watch out for using the hashtag #RBSTechTalk.

The experts identified some of the key technological business trends, as well as some of the challenges that UK businesses face – whether they were technology companies or from another sector.

Man versus machine

Buckinghamshire Business First @bbfuk tweeted that automation was a key trend.

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) @The_FPB said that automation would be key to productivity over the next decade.

The @EEF_Economists Team, part of the manufacturer’s organisation, posted a table about the relation between productivity and the investment.

3D printing

3D printing experts @3dprintindustry were quick to champion the new printing technology.

Manufacturing network @Mfg_Alliance agreed.

Head of Sales at Lombard Vehicle Solutions @SWilliamsLVS recognised the impact 3D printing could have to the automotive industry.

Automotive technology

3D printing has already had an impact in the automotive manufacturing and technology world, @dynomechz revealed.

The trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing sector @bvrla said that businesses were already embracing new automotive technology.

The Internet of Things

Business Development Director @AndrewThrowerAF observed that the Internet of Things and big data could help businesses to grow.

Asset financier Lombard responded with a stat about the growth of the Internet of Things.

Asset Finance Business Development Manager @JoanneWhitehe15 brought it back nicely to last week’s manufacturing twitter talk, by pointing out that manufacturing was benefitting from the Internet of Things.

Empowering employees

IT and software solutions business @Trustmarque listed cloud and mobile technologies as key trends, both of which can help employees connect with each other access data.

@RBSIF tweeted that cloud computing could also help businesses track their finances.

Remote workers could benefit from cloud and mobile technologies, observed PwC My Financepartner leader @ABarlowFCCA

Trade association of tech companies @techUK said that there was already an appetite for remote and mobile working.

Social media also entered the discussion. @RBSMentor said that businesses needed to train their employees properly.

The tech industry

In response to the first question @techUK tweeted that the tech industry still faces challenges, including the skills gap.

The FPB said that their members were already using apprenticeships to tackle the skills gap.

Achieving growth is also a challenge, but UKTI’s Technology Team @UKTI_IET said that exporting was an option for technology businesses, linking to

The participants discussed many technology trends, including those listed above. To see the full discussion, check out the #RBSTechTalk hashtag feed.

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