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EEF unveils expansion plans for training facility

The Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF) has announced detailed plans for a £5 million investment at its state-of-the-art training facility in Aston, Birmingham.

The announcement detailed the creation of 32 new jobs, providing an opportunity for seasoned industrialists to get involved with training a new generation of engineers, and plans to expand into a second site in Aston to increase the number of trainees per year from 250 to more than 400.

The additional £5 million funding round takes the EEF’s total investment at the facility to £11m, with the range of new jobs covering teaching, administration and back office support.

Recruitment for the additional 32 jobs will take place ahead of the second site opening in late 2016. It will be dedicated to developing skills in robotics, electronics, and rapid prototyping, as well as housing a CAD suite, an automated factory and a tool room.

Caroline Gumble, the chief operating officer at EEF, said:

"This significant further investment and the creation of over 30 new jobs underlines our commitment to UK manufacturing. It is about ensuring manufacturers and engineers learn the valuable skills that future industry will need. This will keep them, and our sector, one step ahead as UK manufacturers compete in an increasingly global and technologically advanced field.

"It’s also an exciting opportunity for people working in industry – or indeed in a technical role in the armed forces – to change career, gain a teaching qualification and help to shape and train new apprentices. Their skills and experience are precious and will help us to continue to provide our apprentices with a winning formula of practical, hands-on ‘know how’, combined with technical skills and academic knowledge."


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