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Dyson engineering facility opens at Cambridge University

Sir James Dyson has opened a state-of-the-art engineering facility in his own name at the University of Cambridge.

The new facility, named the Dyson Centre for Engineering Design, will provide the means and technology for students and professors to research advanced materials, electric vehicles and more energy-efficient internal combustion systems.

The new engineering facility was developed, in part, by a £8 million donation from the James Dyson Foundation. It will provide a space for more than 1,200 design students to study the field, with the use of specialised printing machinery, scanners and lasers for creating prototype devices.

The facilities also feature a few technologically advanced features as part of the building. For example, the foundations, columns and floors all house fibre-optic sensors to continuously measure the temperature and strain – data that could be used in the buildings in the future.

At the launch, Sir James Dyson said:

Developing the intellectual property that will help Britain succeed in the global technology race depends on applying our brightest minds to ambitious and exciting research projects. I’m hopeful this new space for Britain’s best engineers at the University of Cambridge will catalyse great technological breakthroughs that transform how we live.

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