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Digital skills gap blamed on lack of apprenticeships

UK employers are failing to take on enough apprentices, despite acknowledging that it would help them bridge their digital and tech skills gap.

The March 2016 survey, hosted by Tech Partnership, discovered that around 73% of UK companies know that apprenticeships would help fill their digital and tech skills gap. However, 49% of those UK employers also stated that they do not currently take on apprentices.

Another 61% of those surveyed acknowledged that gaining access to fresh talent, particularly in the digital and tech areas, was one of the biggest motivations for offering apprenticeships schemes.

These figures were blamed, according to the survey, on recruitment policies. Around 56% said they had experienced difficulty in sourcing the right people for such apprenticeships. 

Of those companies which had not yet taken on an apprentice, 39% said they did not know where to start. Another 39% admitted feeling that apprentices would not fulfil their business needs, and 24% thought that there were not sufficient training frameworks in place to effectively manage a successful apprenticeship.

The survey comes on the back of a government push to support apprenticeship schemes across the country - an apprenticeship levy will come into play from April 2017, for example. 62% of those surveyed said they were aware of the levy and planned to take on more apprentices in the form of hiring younger workers and/or retraining existing staff in essential digital and tech skills.

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