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Brompton’s electric revolution to power global growth

From 2017 onwards, bicycle manufacturer Brompton will begin producing fold-up electric models aimed at those that don’t want to break a sweat on the way into work, reports The Guardian.

Not that commuters will get an easy ride the whole way. The bikes work on the principal of storing energy from pedalling and releasing it again as and when needed, such as when tackling a hill, for example. The technology, called pedelec, was developed in conjunction with F1 team Williams — with pedelec being a slimmed down version of the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) employed in racing cars to enable them to gain extra speed.

The electric bikes will be manufactured in Brompton’s brand new 84,000 sq ft West London factory in Greenford. The new facilities, which cost around £2 million, will be four times the size of the company’s previous premises. However, it’s not just the UK market Brompton is targeting.

Around 80% of the bikes manufactured by Brompton every year are exported to 44 different markets around the world — with Germany and South Korea being two of the largest.

Will Butler-Adams, the company’s chief executive said:

“You have to have ambition. There are more than a billion people in China. Not all of them are going to ride a Brompton but there’s an opportunity there.

Most people in the world have never seen a Brompton but globally there is net migration to cities and they’ve got the same challenges with space and lack of exercise.

There are Brompton owners who are tall, small, old, young. If it works in London, it can work all over the world.”

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