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Fifth of Britons want hotels to be more sustainable

A recent survey by energy company E.ON has revealed that a fifth of people in the UK would be more likely to stay in or recommend a sustainable hotel.

According to the survey of 2,000 people carried out in March, around 19% of respondents said they would be more likely to stay in a bed and breakfast or boutique hotel if it advertised that it used renewable energy. What’s more, half of those surveyed by E.ON also said they felt that a hotel’s sustainability and energy consumption was important to them.

Also, one in six said they would be happier if a hotel used low-energy lighting while one in 10 stated that they would like to monitor their energy usage with smart metering in the rooms. One third also indicated that they would like to see an energy accreditation implemented so that they could see at a glance how hotel rates for sustainability and overall energy use.

One in 10 added that they would be happy to receive a 10 per cent discount for being an eco-friendly guest by keeping their lights on standby and only using one towel during their stay.

Phil Gilbert, the head of business energy solutions at E.ON, said:

The changes in travelling habits and the demands of guests will have a significant impact on hotels both small and large — not just from their impact on energy consumption, it's also something to bear in mind when renovating your accommodation.

As well as changes to the infrastructure, hotel owners and managers can consider ways to incentivise their guests to keep their energy use down, and to ensure their energy systems are as efficient as possible. Cutting down waste, using smart technology to manage buildings and possibly generating their power are all options for hotels to consider.

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