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Why invoice finance and asset based lending?

When your cash is tied up – in unpaid invoices, inventory, plant and machinery or property – growing your business can be difficult. But with invoice finance and asset based lending, you could raise funds against your assets and unpaid invoices. It's an ongoing credit facility that could grow with your business.

Enable growth

Freeing up cash could let you make investments – and give you the capacity to take on new orders. 

Improve cash flow

Bridge the gap between outlay and payment, stay afloat in fluctuating markets and cope with seasonal business. 

Buy quickly

Readily available cash means you could buy materials when the price is right. 

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We understand that cash flow challenges can vary depending on your type of business. And because we work with companies across hundreds of different industries – including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, recruitment and haulage – it's likely we'll have experience in your area.

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