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Asset Based Lending

As well as their accounts receivables, many businesses have a considerable amount of capital tied up in physical assets, such as inventory, plant & machinery and property. With asset based lending, we liberate the cash held within these assets, thereby giving you fast access to substantial sums of working capital. In effect, asset based lending allows you to borrow against these assets - as well as against your sales ledger.

Who is asset based lending for?

Asset based lending is aimed at larger companies. Normally asset based lending facilities will only be available alongside an invoice discounting facility.

Why asset based lending could work for you

Asset based lending can be a fast, easily-accessible and cost-effective way to improve cash flow. It provides a stable alternative to traditional lending products and can ease seasonal cash flow fluctuations. In addition (and depending upon the value of your assets), you could raise more credit than with other lending options. Asset based lending is a cost-effective alternative for you to increase working capital without slowing growth or raising equity. Plus, the size of working capital actually grows in line with your assets.

Obviously, your specific needs will dictate precisely which assets are most suitable as a source of funding; contact our finance experts who will work closely with you to decide what's best for your business.

See our lending guides for more information on how to obtain funding.

Security may be required. Product fees may apply.

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